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Will Uber remain the “Uber of car-sharing services?

A video game ETF? Save your hard-earned quarters.

Three Tech Stocks for Tough Times

Five Wishes for 2016

Twitter’s biggest problem is…Square, Jack Dorsey’s other company.

Why forward guidance matters…and why it’s worth millions of dollars to the company giving it.

Ferrari’s cars are awesome. Ferrari’s IPO? Keep your eyes on the road

Why Groupon (yes, the widely hated and mocked Groupon) has quietly become very interesting:

GoPro is ready for its close-up. But the picture may not stay pretty:

Stop talking about the recovery already!:

And here are some classics from further back:

Watch out Tesla – Apple’s coming up fast:

Is Apple a growth stock? A value stock? Or neither right now?

3D printing is very exciting, but it will never be a mass consumer market:

Twitter is as valuable as any major media company. Or maybe all of them combined.

Silicon Valley billionaires are often annoying, self-absorbed young adults:

Breaking up Hewlett-Packard would be just plain dumb: keeps mailing in growth and profits.

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October 2017

Meat substitutes have come a long way. But will the new “fake meat” companies be smart enough to compete on value and not quality?

Meat the Future

August 2017

When Mercedes and Porsche go racing, it isn’t just for the glory. It’s for the R&D. OK, the glory is pretty glorious.

Porsche and Mercedes switch lanes

July 2017

I think I redefined “Helicopter Parent” when I put a tracking device on my daughter when she went to summer camp.

Find my iDaughter

May 2017

Even after this big run, tech valuations a reasonable and more tech companies are generating cash.

Tech bubble trouble?

March 2017

Unless you’re an investment banker or an institutional investor, IPOs are not for you.

The trouble with tech IPOs

September 2016

Tesla’s purchase of SolarCity is a cynical, despicable thumb in the eye by Elon Musk to investors everywhere.

Blinded by SolarCity

July 2016

You’d have to be crazy to think Uber is worth $63 billion. At that price, only retail investors are going to be taken for a ride.

Uber’s uber-valuation

February 2013