Frequently Asked Questions

No. They are Separately Managed Accounts (“SMAs”). SMAs keep each investor’s money separate from that of other investors and each investor has a brokerage account under their own name and tax identification (e.g., social security) number. 

The two Crabtree portfolios are in Morningstar’s Separate Account database, which is only available to paying subscribers.

Currently, neither of our sales and distribution partners, Interactive Advisors and Northstar Financial offer the

Northstar charges more because they provide a greater level of service and responsiveness than Interactive Advisors. For example, Northstar clients can submit questions to Crabtree’s Chief Investment Officer.

Besides the management fee, there are no other charges, fees, sales commissions or loads. Of course, trading costs such as bid-asked spreads automatically are deducted from the investor’s separately managed account. Neither Interactive Brokers nor Charles Schwab charge trading commissions.