Use what works; avoid what doesn’t

Thirty five years of investment experience and 20 years of professional money management have taught us that the worthwhile elements of consistent alpha generation are vastly outnumbered by the worthless or ineffective elements. Thus, the investment philosophy that governs Crabtree Asset Management is based on both what to do and what not to do.

Be disciplined, in a disciplined way

It is also our firmly held belief that the most successful strategy combines an automated process, which for us is our parallel process, with traditional research-and-analysis stock-picking. The automated part of the process would optimally produce 90-95% of the stocks in the portfolio, with the balance arising from situations that no quant screen or computer program could possibly see or find.

Lower volatility = higher returns

A portfolio with lower volatility will out-perform because large percentage losses require even larger percentage gains to recover lost ground. Take the Crabtree Volatility Quiz to understand more.